In our lab at CUNY Hunter College, we are currently working on testing aspects of an emotion regulation model through:

  1. Experimental delineation of multicomponential (i.e., subjective, physiological, expressive) processes that contribute to emotion reactivity and dysregulation in GAD, MDD, and their co-occurrence

  2. Development of more ecologically-valid measures of emotion-related deficits relevant to anxiety and mood disorders, which might be sensitive to treatment change

  3. The development of an integrative emotion regulation treatment for GAD and accompanying MDD.


The Regulation of Emotion in Anxiety and Depression (READ) Lab is focused on understanding and treating chronic and recurrent forms of anxiety and mood disorders, particularly generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and major depression (MDD). Our research program uses an affect science perspective to understand and treat these disorders, particularly in their most complex forms (high levels of comorbidity, unyielding course, poor life satisfaction, refractory response to treatment) with the aim of expanding our knowledge of their etiology, development and maintenance across the lifespan.